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Your Covid-19 Contingency Plan

Guide to getting prepared. Just in case. 

One week you could be happily gathering with the family and the next, lying in the hospital having breathing difficulties. That's how sudden and drastic Covid-19 could be.


While we're all stuck at home, why not take this time to get prepared and plan for the worst case scenario.  

What Do You Need to Be Covid-19 Ready?

Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA") + Will

An LPA allows you to appoint who to decide on your affairs should you be unable to make decisions for yourself. 

- Think about who should have the final say for what medical treatment you should receive, where you stay, what you eat or what happens to your property and assets if you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. 

- More importantly, make sure your parents have an LPA so that you or their appointed person can handle their affairs more quickly if a need arises. Elders are more vulnerable if they get Covid-19. 

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A Will tells others how you want your assets distributed should you pass away. In the Will, you will also appoint guardians for your underage children. 

- You need a plan so that your partner, parents, kids, pets and loved ones are taken care of if you are not around. 

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Comparison of Different Will Providers & How to Choose the Right One

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Who Can Help You Be Covid-19 Ready?

First, you need to decide if you want to do it yourself or outsource it to someone else. Here's a quick video to help you decide. See here for full details. 

To make things easier, we've listed some providers and their services/pricings to help you decide. To see more, head to Immortalize Marketplace and start your search now.

Selected Law Firms That Can Do Both Will & LPA

Lawyers that you can book instantly via Immortalize

RHTLaw Asia LLP - Book Now

Basic Will: SG$450

LPA Form 1: SG$150

Bethel Chambers LLC - Book Now

Basic General Will: SG$388

LPA Form 1: SG$250

Will + LPA: SG$600

Wee Swee Teow LLP - Book Now

Basic Will: SG$500

LPA Form 1: SG$350

Will+LPA: SG$800

Abdul Rahman Law Corporation - Book Now

Syariah Compliant Will: SG$600

Civil Will: SG$600

LPA Form 1: SG$250

LPA Form 2: SG$250

Sarah-Mae Thomas LLC- Contact Details

Will: SG$500

LPA Form 1: SG$250

Lawyers that you can book by contacting them

Eden Law Corporation - Contact Details

Simple Will: SG$400

LPA Form 1: SG$150

Will+LPA: SG$500

Why is there a price difference between lawyers?

Here are some potential reasons:

Level of Experience & Quality of Advice

Generally speaking, the more senior or experienced the lawyer, the more expensive it will cost.


Some of the cheaper Wills have restrictions attached to the price, eg. limit on number of beneficiaries and etc. The more requests and specifications you have, the more time they need to spend. Every law firm has a different definition of what's considered basic or simple will so make sure you check what's included (you can find the details of what's included on the law firm's page on Immortalize Marketplace)


This is the subjective part. Some people charge more to earn more while others charge lesser to get greater volume. There's no objective standard for what the right price should be. 

If you decide to go to a lawyer, what you should be paying for is someone’s time and the quality of their advice. Make sure you choose a lawyer that spends sufficient time to understand your circumstances and what you want.  

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Christopher Bridges Law Corporation - Contact Details

Basic Will: SG$250

LPA Form 1: SG$100

For DIY People

There are some people who prefers to do their own will. If this is you, below are some of the best online wills for your consideration:

ezWills logo.png

Best for those who wants

- more guidance

- less decision making

Price: SG$49-SG$139

Head to ezWills website and use promo code IMMORTALIZE02 for 20% off


Best for those who wants

- guidance, but also the ability to customize

Price: SG$119

COVID-19 Special

Buy on Immortalize site for 20% off

More details here 

To read more about individual providers, what they specialize in and their background, check out Immortalize Who's Who

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Start searching and comparing providers now. If not now, then when?