FAQ & Disclaimers

How does Immortalize ranks the search result on it’s search page (https://immortalize.io)?

We have prioritized the search ranking to give preference for service providers that have signed up and are bookable on Immortalize and keeps their profile up-to-date. We have this bias to support firms that strive to make things more convenient for the public.

What is the currency for prices stated in this website?

Currently, all prices are in SGD.

How does our review section work?

Service providers that have signed up on Immortalize have the choice to choose between allowing (1) all users, (2) users who are clients (via immortalize) or (3) no one to review.

For (1) and (2), all reviews are posted without vetting and/or editing. Service providers and Immortalize do not get to choose which review get posted and which doesn’t.

Service providers on Immortalize’s platform have the choice to delete ALL reviews, both good and bad, at a cost. We allow deleting of all reviews as we believe in giving companies a chance to improve while the cost creates a barrier so that this action isn’t taken lightly.

For service providers that didn’t sign up on Immortalize, we allow everyone to review.

Each user (identified by email ID) can only review each service provider once.

Immortalize do not endorse any opinions expressed in the reviews and/or on our site.

Like reviews anywhere else, good reviews can sometimes be fake while bad reviews may sometimes be from unreasonable clients or an isolated incident.

Please use the reviews with caution.