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Immortalize X Financial Consultants

Where the best gets better

What is Immortalize

Immortalize is an Elderhood marketplace & information provider that connects people to you and other providers of elderhood-related services.

What is Elderhood

Elderhood planning & execution encompasses everything from planning for one's retirement, eldercare to one's legacy.

Financial Consultants are KEY to helping people achieving their Elderhood goals and thus our outreach to you

How Immortalize Would Like to Collaborate With You?

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You Refer Clients To Us

We Help You Create Demand

When you have clients who need to do their will, lasting power of attorney, advanced medical directive or other Elderhood planning/execution, you refer them to us.

We help your clients get these matters sorted and educate them on Last Mile of Life goals. When they need insurance and financial products to achieve their goals, we send them back to you. 


If you have referred the client to us, we will ALWAYS refer your client back to you when they need insurance/financial products. We WILL NOT refer your clients to other financial consultants.

If your clients purchase Immortalize services, we give you a referral fee. 

We Refer Clients To You

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Immortalize Marketplace

List on Immortalize Marketplace and get online visibility to people looking for Last Mile of Life service and product providers. If you successfully get client bookings, you pay us a low lead generation fee.


Pros: Low listing fee (S$200/year/person) and low lead generation fee (S$5/lead). 

Immortalize Prime

When clients of Immortalize Prime needs insurance and financial products, we refer them to you. You can choose to either pay us a:

1. Lead generation fee of SG$50/introduction, regardless of whether you close a deal or not; OR

2. Success fee that equates to 20% of your commission, payable only if you successfully close the deal. 

Pros: High conversion potential. When we bring the Prime client to you, the client already needs your service and product. You just need to close the deal. 

*Note: We will only recommend clients to financial consultants who have a working relationship with Immortalize, ie, listed on Immortalize Marketplace or have referred clients to us.

You Will Be Eligible For Discounts and Referral Fees

For certain Elderhood services/products, you and your clients can enjoy discounts and you will be eligible to receive referral fees.

Note: Immortalize and the providers will have final discretion on all discount and referral fees.

How to Collaborate with Immortalize?

Reach out to us at, whatsapp us here or fill in the form below and we'll reach out to you!

Collaborate with Immortalize

Thank you for your interest. We will reach out soon!

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