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Be The Revolution, Be An Immortal

We care less about your background and more about how you deal with what you don’t know.

We are looking for people who are creatively practical, people who can imagine a world different from today but decide what’s practical now and what’s a longer term goal.

Internship, Apprenticeship, Project-based Positions

If you want to experience what it’s like to be in a startup and develop your business idea from start to finish, then this is where you can get a taste of it. In a startup, you will always be facing unprecedented issues. At Immortalize, we focus less on what your background is. Instead we place more emphasis on what you do when you encounter a problem.


Below are the projects that we need help on. If you would like an internship experience where you can learn diverse skills and really add some value to yourself and to society, reach out to us at with a resume and include which project you are interested in, when you would like to start and how long you would like to intern for.

Projects Available

Project 1: Longevity Insurance 

The average life expectancy for Singapore has been increasing. People aged 65+ and above are less worried about death or taking care of their children, but are more concerned about outliving their economic resources or becoming a burden to others. For the common person, while CPF Life mitigates part of this longevity risk, it is insufficient when taking rising cost of living and cost of elderly care into consideration. 


Immortalize is looking into the feasibility of private longevity insurance for the masses. If feasible, it would act as an insurance for people in the lower income group, as well as a way for the higher income group to live a more spectacular last mile of life.


Determine the market feasibility of introducing private longevity insurance in Singapore 

  • User survey on appetite for such product; identify opportunity and problems

  • Provider survey on willingness of insurance/reinsurance firms to take on the financial risk of such product; identify opportunity and problems

  • Recommendation on feasibility of product. If feasible, recommend the best approach to implement such a product. If not feasible, suggest alternatives.


Improve existing roboadvisory to increase user engagement of last mile of life products and services.

  • User survey to identify problems users face when navigating the site and search for necessities

  • Recommendations on how to improve user experience (eg. better guidance or instructions)

  • Design a user experience flowchart that can better meet users needs

Project 2: Last Mile of Life Robo-advisory

Unlike using to find a best suited hotel, the mass public has no idea what is involved in last mile of life planning, let alone figuring out how to find the best suited provider. Instead of getting people to learn, Immortalize has created a roboadvisory to help people find out what they need and what to do to do their legacy planning. 


Select an existing vertical (insurance, funeral, legal), conduct market study to improve provider base and/or user engagement in the vertical

  • Conduct user and provider surveys on one of the existing verticals and identify problems of the current provider base and user engagement

  • Suggest improvements

  • Potentially implement improvements

Project 3: Last Mile of Life Marketplace

Immortalize has created a general framework to help users find last mile of life service and product providers across different industries. But each industry is different and may require some finetuning to better help users understand the differences and better find a provider that suits their needs.


Conduct market study to determine suitable products to be included in this new vertical


  • Research and identify products that may be suitable and desirable

  • Conduct user survey and provider interview to determine demand for products and feasibility of introducing such products

  • Propose best way to introduce such products

Project 4: Retirement Services & Products

Everyone knows the importance of saving for retirement. But what happens after you save the money? Do you know where to spend it or how to spend it? What are your options? In countries like U.S. and Australia, there are retirement villages where your elderly needs will be taken care of. What about Singapore? Do we know what’s available? Immortalize seeks to create a marketplace where people can compare options on how to better spend their retirement savings, be it on products or services. 


  • Conduct research and/or surveys to identify biases people and existing marketing methods have towards the topic of ageing and death

  • Discover content and marketing that will appeal to millennials and Gen Zs

  • Create marketing materials that can include video creation, article writing, social media posts, and others.

Project 5: Content Marketing

It is important for people to talk about old age and death but traditionally, people fear and struggle to speak to their loved ones on these issues. Content on such topics are generally viewed as “morbid”, “boring” and “too serious” but recent surveys have shown a shift in mindset, with the younger generation being more open to such discussions. Immortalize would like to explore how we can put out content on such topics that would appeal to the younger generation (millennials and Gen Zs) for them to act for themselves or for their parents/grandparents.