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Trusts, a type of estate planning tool, have long been used by the ultra rich to protect their assets, keep wealth within the family and better pass on fortunes to future generations. For regular people, trusts have generally been out of reach because of the high cost to set up, as well as a large minimum sum to maintain the vehicle. 


All these changes with Metis SG’s trust plans. There’s no upfront set up cost and the contributions can start from as low as SG$500. Metis’s trust plans strip out the complexity of trusts and make things simple so that the masses can enjoy and benefit from the protection offered by trusts.

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Have you thought about estate distribution?

Did you know that CPF/Insurance payouts to beneficiaries are distributed in one lump sum?

Do you think your beneficiaries can manage large sums of money distributed to them?


Do you know of any other effective solutions where your beneficiaries can receive distributions regularly throughout their lifetime?

Key Benefits of A Trust

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Why Metis Trust Plan?

Many believed that trusts are for the wealthy only and it requires millions of dollars to set one up.

While traditional trusts generally requires a separate amount (a few thousands of dollars) to be paid upfront as set up fees, Metis Trusts have no such requirements.

Metis SG Trust Plans

SapphirePRO is designed for individuals who want to build wealth over time by regularly saving small amounts of money, while retaining their investment decisions on investment opportunities and enjoying the advantages and protections offered by a Trust structure.

Getting Started

  • Any non-US person from age 18 to 75 years old can start this trust plan

  • Minimum contribution starts from as low as SG$500 a month, with flexible contribution frequencies available 

  • Contribution period ranges from 5 - 30 years with withdrawal flexibility

Want to know if a Metis Trust Plan is suitable for you?

If you have any enquiries about booking the appointment, please WhatsApp or reach out to us at

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