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Immortalize Prestige Club 

Curated Specially for Insurance Agents, Property Agents and Financial Advisors

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Immortalize Prestige Club
Information Session for
Financial Consultants, Advisors

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What is Immortalize Prestige Club?

A program for insurance agents, financial consultants and property agents to provide more holistic services to their clients.

Examples of Use Cases

An insurance agent/financial consultant may encounter a client who wants to do his/her Will and Lasting Power of Attorney. The agent will be able to provide further value add to the client by exploring cheaper or better suited lawyers/providers via Immortalize Marketplace. The client will get the best rates accessible only by the agent via Prestige Club. 

A property agent may encounter a client who wants to buy properties using a trust. The agent can easily filter for law firms that can do trust, compare their services and pricing and get best rates for their clients that are accessible on Prestige Club. 

Why Join Immortalize Prestige Club?


Best Rates 

Complete your offering to clients by outsourcing legal matters to lawyers on Immortalize. Get best rates for your clients that's only available through you. 


Earn Referral Fees

For non-law firms, earn referral fees or pass on as discounts to clients on eligible products and services. 

*Note: Lawyers are not allowed to give referral fees.


Get Leads

Be listed on Immortalize and let us promote you.

Cup of Coffee

Engage Clients

Get exclusive information that you can share, giving you more reasons to periodically engage clients. 

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