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Your personal assistant for all your elderhood needs.

Need to do your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, or have other legacy, retirement and eldercare issues that you need help resolving? 

Hire Immortalize Prime concierge and let us help you get these problems sorted. 

Elderhood matters that we can help you with:

  • Will – Lawyer, Will Writer & Online Will

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

  • Advance Medical Directive (AMD)

  • Advance Care Plan (ACP)

  • Muslim Estate Planning

  • Guardianship Nomination

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Financial Planning for dignified elderhood

  • Digital Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Professional Donee and Deputyship

  • Trust & SPVs

  • Estate Disputes

  • Probate & Administration

  • Assistance for Estate Administration of International Assets

  • Funeral & Memorabilia

  • Video Documentary of Your Life Story

  • Retirement Experiences

  • Retirement Hobbies

  • Retirement Homes

  • Eldertech gadgets

  • Eldercare services

  • And more!

How much does it cost & what's included?

Help with your Will + Lasting Power of Attorney

Free assistance with Advance Medical Directive and Advance Care Plan.

Basic Plan – FREE!

What’s included:

Quick run through of what you need, recommend suitable providers, and help you book appointments. Online video call only.


Suitable for:

People who just need some guidance and can handle everything on their own.

Plan A - $100

What’s included:

Basic Plan + manage the execution process for you virtually.

Online call to run through the things you need to know, the key aspects of your decisions and get materials prepared for your visit to providers to get your Will and LPA done efficiently.

Suitable for:

People who wants to outsource the work but can handle providers on their own.

Plan B - $288

What’s included:

Plan A + manage the execution process for you physically.

We can go to your place for the meetings, accompany you to the providers and be physically there to assist with any questions or follow ups for a hassle-free experience.  


Suitable for:

People who wants to outsource the work or if you or your parents prefer to speak in Chinese.

Plan C – $388 for the first month and $150/month retainer thereafter

What’s included:

Plan B but for more complicated estate or requests.

Suitable for:

People with international assets, business owners or people with complicated situations and/or requests.  

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