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Immortalize Service Provider Manual

Content Overview & Directory

  • How to sign in and update my profile?

  • Profile Update for Business Administrator

  • Profile Update for Staff

  • Setting Your Work Schedule

  • Customizing Your Offerings

  • What happens when Users book appointments with me?

How to sign up as a Service Provider? 

Step 2

Click on “Service Provider” and “Create an Account”

Step 3


Fill in the form

(You can choose to complete the form now or later)

Click "Submit" when done

Click here for Explanation of Terms

Image 1.jpg
Service Provider Sign Up

Step 4

Fill in administrator email and password and choose whether to make the administrator a staff user.

Administrator controls all details with regards to your firm while a staff user is able to take bookings and customize their own offerings.

Choose “Yes” if you would like the administrator to be able to take client bookings.

Image 3.jpg
Image 4.jpg

Choose “No” if the administrator will only be managing the firm’s business page and won’t be taking client bookings.

Fill in the email of the staff and preset a default password. The staff can change their password once they log in.

If you would like more than one staff to take on client bookings, click on “Add Staff” and add the email and default password for the number of staff you would like to add.


You can also choose to add more staff later on.

Apply the promo code (if any) and then proceed to payment.

Image 5.jpg
Image 6.jpg

If your payment is successful, you should see the payment successful message and receive a confirmation email asking you to update your profile.

How to sign in and update my profile?

Step 1


Sign in at

Step 2


Click “Service Provider”


Fill in your login details and click “Login”

Step 3


Click “My Profile”

Step 4


Update your profile.


(Depending on whether you are the business administrator or the staff, you will see a slightly differ layout.)

Click here for Explanation of Terms

Image 7.jpg
Image 8.jpg
Sign in & Update

Profile Update for Business Administrator


Where you update your details


If you wish to give the administrator role to someone else, simply change the email and click “Save”.


Note that each business can only have one administrator and the administrator has the ability to change all aspects of the business information.

Image 9.jpg

If you are an administrator who is also a staff (ie, can take bookings), click here to learn more about "My Schedule", where you can sync your calendar, set your working hours and take bookings.

Image 10.jpg

Business Profile > Business Details

Where you update details of your business

Admin Update

Business Profile > Staff Details

Where you can update details for all staff.


Staff can also update their own details when they log in. 

Click on “Add staff” to allow more staff to list and take bookings.

Click on the edit button to edit the profile of this staff. Staff will be able to edit their own profile after they log in.

Image 11.jpg

Highlights & Promotions

Business Profile vs Booking Page Advertising Spaces

Image 12.jpg

Business Profile Advertising Spaces

Where you can add highlights, promotions or “decorate” your business listing page

Just drag the image and drop it into their respective folder. 

Image 13.jpg
Image 14.jpg

Booking Page Advertising Spaces

For paid service provider, where you can add additional information in your booking page


There are two sections:

(1) a text section; and

(2) an image + link section.


When users click on the image, a new window leading to the link you provided will open up.

Additionally, you can choose to advertise on a competitors page as long as they aren't paid service providers on Immortalize’s platform.


Example below.

Image 15.jpg

Interested? See here for charges or contact j@immortalize to enquire.

Profile Update for Staff


Where you update your details.


If you wish to give the staff role to someone else, simply change the email and click “Save”.

Note that the change can only be reversed (or re-given to you) by the business administrator.

Image 16.jpg
Staff Update

Setting Your Work Schedule

My Schedule - Syncing your Calendar

Once you’ve synced up your calendar, users can book consultation real-time and appointments booked will be automatically marked on your calendar.

Step 1


Click on “Add Calendars”

Step 2

Choose your email provider and log in. After you log in, your calendar will be automatically connected.

Image 17.jpg
Image 19.jpg
Image 18.jpg
My Schedule

Setting Your Working Hours

Step 1

Choose your time zone

Step 2

Set your working hours

Note: If you have no available on certain days (eg Saturday and Sunday), leave them empty.

Step 3

Click "Submit" when you are done setting availability for the rest of the week.

Image 20.jpg
Image 29.JPG

All Appointments


You can view all appointments and details of the appointments booked on this page.

All appointments booked will by default be accepted.


You can choose to reject/cancel the appointments on this page (Coming soon!) 

Staff Profile

Where you can update your details as a staff

Image 22.jpg

Office Address

The office address that you enter will be used as the default location when a user chooses an in-person meeting.


Once you are done with the updates, select "Submit" and the changes will be reflected on your profile.

Image 23.jpg

Click here for Explanation of Terms

Customizing Your Offerings - Additional Services 

Adding Services

Step 1

Click on "Add Services+"

Image 24.jpg

Step 2:

Add the name of service and description.

For description, please include what this service is about and what the price includes.

For example, a "Will Creation" service's description could be "Basic package to write a will. Includes LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney). Additional charges may apply for more complicated wills."

Image 25.jpg

Step 3:

Add the length of consultation.


When users book this service, the allocated time will be booked in your calendar.


For example, if you allocate 120 minutes in Time Allocation, when a user book this service, a 120 time slot will be booked in your calendar.

Image 26.jpg

Step 4:

Enter the cost of the service.


This will be charged when users book the appointment. If the service isn’t a fixed price item, put zero and explain the charges in the description. 

Image 27.jpg

Step 5:

Click the “Remove” button to remove the service.


If you wish to add more services, click on the “Add Services +” button”

Image 28.jpg
Adding a Service
Appointment Booking

What happens when Users book appointments with me?

When a user books an appointment with you, a confirmation email will be sent to the user and you will be copied on the same email.

[You can also view the appointments booked under the “All Appointments” section of your profile (Sign in => My Profile => My Schedule => All Appointments”

For now, all cancellations will have to be done manually (via the email that you were copied in). We will be incorporating a cancel button and cancel procedure soon. Sincere apologies for the inconveniences. 

Explanation of Terms

Upload Company Logo 

Upload your company logo

Name of Service Provider

Enter your full company name, capitalizing the first letter or each word. For example, “Immortalize Law Firm” instead of “Immortalize law firm”


Type of Service Providers

Choose the category of your firm

Office Locations

Office Locations are where you have a physical presence for when a client wants to meet your staff in person.


Operating Locations

Operating Locations are for the jurisdictions that your business can operate in. For example, you may have an office in Singapore but can advise on Singapore and Australia-related matters.

If you partner with firms in other locations or are part of a regional/global network of firms, you can choose to put the locations of those firms under “Operating Locations”.


This means that while you can’t see clients physically in those locations, your firm can still advise on multi-jurisdictional issues in those locations through working with partner firms. 

Upload Photo

Upload a photo of you

Profile Link

Update a link to your profile. It can be your LinkedIn profile, your profile on your company’s website, Immortalize’s profile of you or any webpage link that can help users know more about you.

1 hour Appointment Pricing

Cost of your standard hourly rate. Resetting period/breather time is the time allowance you would like to include after every 1 hour consultation. 


Quick Consult Pricing
The cost of a 15-minutes quick consult. Resetting period/breather time is the time allowance you would like to include after every quick consult.

Additional Services

You can add your offerings through clicking on “Add Services+”. See more on adding services below

Type of Service

Check the type of services that you offer.

Specialized/Other Services

Does your firm offer these services? Click where appropriate.

International Wills – Can you do international and/or concurrent wills

Estate planning for LGBT+ Community – Can you advise on LGBT+ estate planning matters?

Estate Planning for Muslims –  Can you advise on Syariah Law?

Online Wills – Does your firm offer online wills?

Mental Capacity – Can you advise on mental capacity-related estate planning matters and/or disputes?

Firm Size

Total Number of staff including administrative staff

Mode of Contact

How you want to be contacted. Choose all that applies.

Quick Consult - Allow users for a 15 minutes video call for users to ask quick, general questions. You can choose to charge for the quick consult or make it free. This allows users to get general questions answered and have some exposure to the service providers before users decide to engage.

Video Call - Allows users to book video call appointment with you via Immortalize

In-Person Meeting - Allows users to book face-to-face appointment with you via Immortalize

Manual Contact - Allow users to contact you directly

Office Locations

Where you have a physical presence for when a client wants to meet you in person.


Operating Locations

The jurisdictions that you can operate in.

For example, you may have an office in Singapore but can advise on Singapore and Australia-related matters.

Explaining Terms
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