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3 Potential Issues with CPF Nominations That You Need to Know About

Your minor children may not have immediate access to money 

After your passing, the Public Trustee's Office will hold on to the CPF monies for underaged beneficiaries until they turn 18 years old.

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Elders may be vulnerable

Elderly spouses or parents are at high risk of being targeted from frauds and scammers after receiving large amounts of CPF money.

No Protection from Beneficiaries' creditors

CPF money passed on to beneficiaries who are undischarged bankrupts are not safeguarded from creditors.

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Potential Solution - ProviTrust

ProviTrust is digital trust created specially for CPF savings to help resolve issues associated with direct CPF nominations. 


With ProviTrust, your CPF money can be managed and distributed flexibly according to your wishes. Simply fill in a form online to set out your instructions and appoint either Precepts or a person of your choice as the trustee to execute your wishes . 

Convenient Online Set Up

Flexible Distribution

Decide how much your beneficiaries will receive in percentages and do periodic pay outs instead of a lump sum.

Fixed or Discretionary Trust

Complete your application process online efficiently.

Choose to set up a fixed or discretionary trust according to your needs. Different conditions will apply.

Digital Records

Trust deed and letter of wishes are also kept digitally.

Want to know more about ProviTrust?

Book an appointment now to find out more about how ProviTrust can safeguard your CPF savings for your loved ones.

ProviTrust is a product by PreceptsGroup International.

If you have any enquiries about booking the appointment, please WhatsApp or reach out to us at

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