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Immortalize is an Elderhood marketplace & information provider.

We help you and other providers in the legacy, retirement, and eldercare planning industry create demand and generate leads through innovative and cost-efficient ways.

Running an ageing adult-focused roadshow is one such way. By getting non-competing providers targeting the same audience (mature, affluent adults) to work together, we increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of roadshows while reducing the costs for all participants.

Check out past roadshows here


2022 roadshow.jpg

In 2022, Immortalize held our very first roadshow. It was the overwhelming success of this event that made us conclude that there’s immense demand, Immortalize alone can’t handle everything, and we need to get the providers on Immortalize marketplace involved.

Join us as we reach out and assist people with connecting the dots and directing them to you in a world flooded with information.


Promote your business, showcase products/services, share insights, and build valuable relationships. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to expand your presence meaningfully!


Prices start from SG$20/day! 

Why Join Us



  • Compared to organizing your own roadshow, a themed-fair attracts more visitors


  • Compared to other themed-based fairs/roadshows, we are the most affordable

  • Exposure starts from as low as SG$20/day!


  • Standardized price and terms across all locations

  • Just book your slots and we will sort out everything else for you 

  • Flexible duration - Book as few as one day


Roadshow Overview


Step 1: Choose your preferred roadshow location.

Click here to see all available small & large event locations. 

Step 2: Choose how you want to participate.

Step 3: Reach out to the Immortalize Team and book or redeem your prepaid slots.

Note: Prepaid slots are redeemable for all Immortalize Elderhood Roadshow locations, regardless small or large events, weekday or weekends. 

Physical Booth


Allocated space on the site of the roadshow where you can send representative(s) down to interact with the attendees


Weekends [Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday (PH)] - SG$600/day 

Weekdays [Monday to Thursday (excluding PH)] - SG$300/day

Suitability: Suitable for providers who prefer to physically interact with the attendees

Inclusive of: 

  • Table

    • Small event table size - 86cm (width) x 86cm (length) x 74cm (height)

    • Large event table size - 60cm (width) x 120cm (length) x 70-75cm (height)

  • Two chairs

  • Please refer to each location for actual space measurements.  

Note: Additional small table + 2 stools available at SG$10/day


Sample of tables

Banner Space


Advertise your products/services/company/event/webinar with any content (subjected to suitability approval) of your choice

Suitability: Suitable for providers who wants exposure but cannot make it physically to the roadshow


Weekends - SG$200/day 

Weekdays - SG$100/day

Inclusive of: 

  • Full banner space – 200cm x 80cm pull up banner

  • We can create a banner for you at additional cost

pull up banner.jpg
pull up banner stand.jpg

Sample of pull up banner



We will organize a webinar based on your chosen content and let interested online and roadshow visitors sign up for your webinar.

Cost: FREE for providers on Immortalize platform

How does the FREE webinar service work? 

  • We will work with you to organize webinars on topics of your choice. 

  • We will market your webinars at our Elderhood Planning Fair and on our webpage for free. 

  • Once the number of sign ups reaches 20 people (or your chosen limit), we will go ahead and run the webinar. If there are less than 20 signups for your webinar, we will change your webinar to a later date and continue promoting it. 

  • Immortalize will host the webinar on our zoom webinar platform and manage everything for you. You just need to provide the content and speaker. 


Find out how to be a provider on Immortalize platform here

Brochure Space


Place your brochures, pamphlets and namecards at the roadshow


Weekends - SG$40/day 

Weekdays - SG$20/day

Suitability: Suitable for providers that seek effortless promotion/exposure of your business

Inclusive of: 

  • Brochure space 33.5cm (length) x 25cm (width)

  • Brochures/Pamphlets/Namecards to be provided by you

  • Immortalize can help you print at additional cost


brochure stand.jpg

Sample of Brochure stand

Sponsor Door Gifts

Sponsor Door Gifts

Include your corporate merchandise and flyer in the door gift that we give to attendees!


Weekends - SG$100/day for distribution 

Weekdays - SG$50/day for distribution

No limit on the number of door gift you can include. Delivery of gifts to roadshow location and return of gifts to your storage location after the roadshow at your own cost. 

Suitability: Suitable for providers that seek effortless promotion/exposure of your business

Inclusive of: 

  • Distribution to the attendees


Live On-Site Talk

Book a slot to speak live, on-stage about a topic that you want to promote

Cost: 30 minutes per slot (Please enquire for pricing)

Suitability: Suitable for providers that wants greater exposure and acquire leads that are interested in your chosen topic.

Inclusive of: 

  • Speaking slot – Microphone and projector will be provided

  • Your chosen QR code will be displayed for further interaction with the audience

  • Immortalize team will deal with management of signups, set up and others. You just need to prepare the speaking materials.


Confirmed Locations
Hillion Mall (Bukit Panjang) - May 2024

Address: 17 Petir Rd, Singapore 678278

Event Type: Medium

Event Space: B2 Atrium 2

Tentative Date: 9-15 May 2024

Crowd Flow: 45k-50k shoppers/day

What's available?

Physical Booth - TBC

Banner Space:

  • Full - TBC

  • Shared - TBC 

  • Webinar & Virtual Booth add-on available

Brochure Slots - TBC

Live On-Site Talk - TBC


Where we will be situated!

Tentative Confirmed Locations
Pending Locations

*Please note that the following are indicative information.

Please check with the Immortalize team on the final details*

JEM (Jurong East) - TBC

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 608549

Event Type: Large

Event Space: B1 Atrium (13.2m x 6m)

Date: TBC

Crowd Flow: TBC

AMK Hub (Ang Mo Kio) - June 2024

Address: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933

Event Type: TBC

Event Space: TBC

Date: 13-19 June 2024

Crowd Flow: TBC

Parkway Parade (East Coast) - July 2024

Address: 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449269

Event Type: TBC

Event Space: TBC

Date: 18-24 July 2024

Crowd Flow: TBC

Chinatown Point (Chinatown) - August 2024

Address: 133 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059413

Event Type: TBC

Event Space: TBC

Date: 15-21 August 2024

Crowd Flow: TBC

Waterway Point (Punggol) - September 2024

Address: 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761

Event Type: TBC

Event Space: TBC

Date: 12-18 September 2024

Crowd Flow: TBC

Westmall (Bukit Batok) - October 2024

Address: 1 Bt Batok Central, Singapore 658713

Event Type: TBC

Event Space: TBC

Date: 3-9 October 2024

Crowd Flow: TBC

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