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What Is Immortalize?

A marketplace that efficiently connects the public to last mile of life service and product providers.


We make comparing, booking, purchase and tracking of your services and products easy for your potential clients to ensure convertibility for your business. 

Who are last mile of life providers? 

Any provider that can help people complete their last mile of life planning and execution. These can include: 

Estate planning -

Law firms, will writing companies, online will


Insurance & financial products -

Insurance agents and independent financial advisors

Funeral & Memorabilia - 

Funeral parlors, digital memories and more! 


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What can Immortalize do for you? 

Guaranteed More Clients

Stock Market

If not you don't pay. Or choose a fixed fee plan for "eat-all-you-can" model.

Immediate Marketing Benefits

Financial Chart

Access a marketing team without paying for one. We do the outreach and create the materials. Just hope on the ride. 

Automate Processes Instantly

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Sign up, set up your profile and enjoy the ease and cost savings from automating your sales and management processes. We've built the technology. Just plug in & start!

Examples of Marketing Initiatives

PropertyGuru X Immortalize - Putting providers in front of home buyers/sellers and real estate agents

Check out: AskGuru X Immortalize and Property X Inheritance

Immortalize Prestige Club - Putting providers in front of insurance agents, independent financial advisors and property agents

Provider profiling - Giving providers more visibility and better branding 

And many more! 

How much does it cost? 

Chat with us live or email us at to discuss.


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