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Crash courses on everything last mile of life-related. We give you the summary so you don't have to read & do your own research. 
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Basics of Last Mile of Life Planning - Will, LPA, AMD, ACP

(And Why They Matter to You)

Coverage includes: 

  • Will vs no will - Who gets what after one passes away? 

  • Guardianship nomination - What happens to my kids if I pass on?

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) - If I get into an accident, who gets to decide for me?

  • Advance Medical Directive (AMD) - To be on life support or not? Who decides?

  • Advanced Care Planning (ACP) - Painful but effective vs pleasant but less effective medical treatment. What’s your preference?

  • Inheritance & legacy planning - How to optimize taxes & decisions to ensure a spectacular Last Mile of Life?

Format: Online webinar

Time: Tues, October 6, 2022, 3pm

Speaker: Regina Tan, CEO of Immortalize, a Last Mile of Life marketplace & information provider

More webinars coming soon!

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