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Introducing the first Syariah Digital Will in Southeast Asia.

Provides easy-to-use and affordable digital wills that are written and approved by an expert panel of lawyers and estate planners. Available for Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.


What Is A Syariah Digital Will?

In certain countries like Singapore, Muslims and non-Muslims are subject to different inheritance laws. For Muslims, assets are distributed according to Faraid, or Muslim inheritance law.

The distribution under Faraid depends on family composition, for instance, sons receiving double the share of daughters, and with considerations for other relatives like the presence of brothers and grandsons.

A valid Syariah will allows up to 1/3 of assets to go to non-Faraid beneficiaries, such as non-Muslim spouses, adopted children, charity, or friends. To simplify the process, a Syariah digital will has been introduced, enabling Muslims to create a will easily by inputting information online into a standardized template, such as the number of wives, sons, and other relevant details. This allows you to instantly receive the inheritance breakdown, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing hassle.

Why Choose CreateWills?

Pioneer of Syariah Digital Will in Southeast Asia

Covers both Faraid and Hibah portion of Muslim estate distribution

Built-in Automated Algorithm

Simplifies the Faraid calculation process by generating distribution percentages automatically

Affordable & Accessible

An alternative option to make your Muslim will other than going to lawyers

Muslim Inheritance

Inheritance can vary significantly not only between different countries but also among different religions. For instance, in Singapore, Muslims and non-Muslims are subject to different sets of inheritance laws.

Therefore, it is crucial to determine and understand which inheritance law applies to you in your domicile country, where you are considered a permanent resident. This ensures your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

CreateWills Products

Islamic Will / Wasiyya

​Islamic Will / Wasiyya

  • Unique Faraid algorithm that follows the Holy Quran

  • Additional Beneficiaries –  Maximum of one-third of your estate

  • Assets & Sedekah – Include gifts of property, money or anything else

  • Make provision for unfulfilled obligations

Learn More >

Sterling Will

Conventional Will

  • Choose the language you want to use on the site and the Will output

  • Add up to 4 executors with built-in trustee clauses

  • Leave complex gifts, such as business, shares or property

  • Add additional beneficiaries and choose to split equally or by percentage

Learn More >

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Voucher redeemable on CreateWills' websites; are non-refundable; and in Singapore dollars.

*Voucher applicable to both Conventional & Islamic Online Will

*Voucher can only be bought and used for their applicable country (eg. Createwills Malaysia voucher can only redeem Createwills Malaysia Standard or Islamic online will.)

*Voucher code will be sent via email after payment

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