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What is CreateWills?

CreateWills, one of the top 3 online will providers for Singapore, is giving Immortalize users a whopping 20% off their conventional and Islamic digital wills!

Besides being the “best for people who wants the ability to customize” their will, CreateWills is also Southeast Asia’s first Syariah digital will covering both the Faraid and Hibah portion of Muslim estate distribution. 

The built-in automated algorithm simplifies the Faraid calculation process, making will writing affordable and accessible for Muslims who previously only have the option of going to lawyers.  

(Note: Syariah wills are traditionally done manually and consists of two parts - the Hibah portion where one can decide who they want to give their assets to, and the Faraid portion where distribution is determined by relevant laws.)

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CreateWill's digital wills, available for Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom, are written and approved by an expert panel of lawyers and estate planners, easy-to-use and affordable. 

For more information, please visit CreateWills website.

Reach out to us at j@immortalize.io for any queries.